Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greetings from The End!!!

Heyyyyyy from the bold font you can probably tell that it's me, Basil here (well, unless you read degrassipwns, then you might think its Mango)!! It's about midnight right now, so I apologize ahead of time for any typos/spelling or grammar mistakes i might type up in this blog.

For the past week, I've been in Montauk, NY (also known as The End) on vacation. We rented out a house with two other families, so that's where I've been staying for the past week. We go to the beach every day, swim, eat, have fun, play Wii, etc (and if you're wondering, for me, etc=watch degrassi seasons 1 through 5 on the internet). Sounds like so much fun, right? Well, it is, but the vacation could do without:
-4 kids under the age of 10 living in the same house as me (one of whom I believe is a demon child)
-A scratched game of Super Smash Bros Brawl (as a result of said children)
-Broken screen doors
-Mosquitos in the house (but I don't have to worry much because like JJ, I'm a walking mosquito repellent)
-No air conditioning
-Only 12 TV channels
So yeah, I'm having a pretty good time despite these minor disturbances.

As said above, I've been watching Degrassi on the internet and I have come to the conclusion that JT is awesome!!!!!! Too bad he had to die....grrrrrrrrrrr Degrassi, grrrrrrrrrr..... Also, I'm always wondering about how some Canadians say "soory" as opposed to "sorry" just really bothers me for some reason.

Along with watching obsessive amounts of Degrassi, I've been bonding with my brother by watching episodes of Wipeout and I Survived A Japanese Game Show. Wipeout is hilarious, if you're the type of person who enjoys watching the failure and pain of others, which I do. Some of the challenges on that show are just so incredibly mean, yet they look like they'd be so much fun (aside from the "sucker punch", a wall that consistently punches you with boxing gloves)! My favorite is in the fourth stage (the "Wipeout Zone") for some seasons, where contestants are literally catapulted into the arena about 20 or 30 feet in the air. It so looks like something I'd do! Sadly, my brother and I ran out of episodes of that to watch, so we had to find some other show (since, of course, he would NEVER watch Degrassi). He chose I Survived A Japanese Game Show (season 2), which turned out to be AMAZING!!!! The challenges are so random and ridiculous that it's the perfect show for us to watch in our spare time. The person I was cheering for (if you watch this show, it was Cathy) from basically the start ended up not losing a single challenge, and eventually winning the whole entire show. That's not something you see every day (except for in Hell's Kitchen, season 2 but that's something else entirely). Yeah, my total time wasters for when I'm not outdoors turned out to be pretty entertaining.

One of my really good friends (I'm going to call her Millie) happens to also go to Montauk around this time of year. Millie and I have been doing a lot of stuff together, like going to the beach, shopping and eating lunch. While on the beach, we coincidentally discussed Helen Hayes Youth Theater, where JJ is currently doing a show. This year, Millie was in two HHYT shows, Seussical and Thoroughly Modern Millie. She was a Wickersham Brother in Seussical and Millie in TMM (Hence why I am calling her Millie). I came the the conclusion tat next summer,not only am I going to attempt to get into the NYSSSA Modern or NYSSSA Voice summer program, but I'm also going to do several HHYT shows, since Millie told me how they were so much fun. Hope to see you there JJ!! Oh, and before I forget, break a leg tomorrow!!!

School starts again soon, and I still have so much sumer work to finish! I have to finish one book, read another, and find 15-17 current events articles in 2 weeks!!! But even so, I can't wait fpr highschool to start! Sure I'm scared of being a freashman, mostly because of the bigger people and "Freshman Friday", but the school drama and musical will make it so awesome. Since I didn't read all of the blogs before this (sorry JJ I forgot) I don't know if this was ever mentioned, but JJ and I already had our first HS musical (no, not the movie) experience when we were in 5th grade. The highschool did a production of The Music Man, and they needed younger kids to be in it. They chose two girls and two boy from our grade, and coincidentally, JJ and I were the two girls! It was one of the best experiences of my life, so I really can't wait to get back into performing. Especially after the horrifying school play experience this year...*shudders*. You don't ever want to know about that.

Oh no! I just remembered that I get my retainer on Monday! Ugh I got my braces off at the very end of July, and I'm enjoying the freedom so much! Now my stupid orthodontist has to go and ruin it again :( Sigh, why can't life ever be perfect?

My uncle was the first person to recommend Foo Fighters to me and my brother, and they ended up being one of our favorite bands. Just a few days ago, he told me to look up a band called INCUBUS (no , it's not really all caps, I just wanted to quickly emphasize the band name but my font is already in bold). Look them up on Youtube, iTunes, Google, whatever. They're pretty good if you're into the whole rock-ish country-ish type thing. I personally really like them, especially their song "Drive". Look that up and listen to it while you're at it. The only odd thing about them is that the lead singer has this thing for never wanting to wear a shirt while singing. You'll see what I mean.

Again, I'm very sorry for any spelling mistakes or typos or whatever. This site really needs spell check....Oh well. I have to go, considering it's now one in the morning, so as they say on I Survived a Japanese Game Show, MAJIDE!!!!!!! *does weird hand symbol* :D

You know there's a spellcheck function, right?

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