Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I just found this band called Cimorelli and completely fell in love. They're not exactly alternative so they're not what I usually listen to, but boy can they sing! It's ridiculous!

Cimorelli consists of 5 sisters, Amy (the awesome 14 year old), Lauren (11 years old and also awesome), Lisa (15), Katherine (17), and Christina (probably the most talented, but also the oldest (19) so she has an advantage). Their brother Michael (20) plays lead guitar while Amy plays rhythm guitar, Lisa plays guitar, Lauren and Christina cover keyboards (although Lauren hopes to soon be upgraded to violin instead of string parts on the keyboard), and Katherine gets to stand there looking cool with a bass. Oh yes, and they all sing... in crazy some times 5 part harmonies which will blow your mind.

Anyway, I'm in a musical mood and they've officially distracted me from the Degrassi soundtrack so I came over to this blog to talk about them. Oh, and check out their Disney's Friends For Change cover of Send It On (viewable on youtube). The song's not that bad when they sing it. It's actually really good.

Cimorelli only has one album available through iTunes. It features six songs, Singing My Song, On the Radio, Delaney, Hello There, Everything Has Changed, and Do You Know. There's all amazing, but my favorite thing from them (surprisingly) has to be their Send It On cover. But regardless, the stuff I can listen to on my iPod are amazing, too.

Before you get excited (or just plan to ignore this), this musical family dwells in one of those states where you can get big if you get discovered. No, not New York. That's right, California. So if you, like I, am an east coast resider, you will probably never actually see Cimorelli in concert for the time being until they're wildly popular with millions of fans. Oh well... *sigh.* Maybe 2010 will hold more eastern Cimorelli as they add more family members to their band (my God, they're like mass producing children! But who am I to complain?).

Well... I guess I'm done talking now so... goodbye. I'm gonna go be stalker-ish and email the band since I've read every page of their website and there's this big link to email them...