Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On the Last Post...

Heyy, it's Basil here!! Commenting on JJ's last post...that was really random...and you stole my hypothesis about how Panic! At the Disco chose their song titles...Theory stealer!!!!!

Anyways, I'm pretty bored so I'm going to write something on...well, something. I don't know what it will be yet...but it will be something...I'm going to think of the topic in a few minutes...hmmmmm...

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Late, I'm Bored, I'm Blogging

I'm really bored and have nothing to do, so after going through our previous posts and putting all of Basil's words in Times New Roman to make a clearer contrast, I decided I'd actually type something. That's what blogs are for, anyway. Typing nonsense. Well, at least this one is.

I'm sitting in a chair and swaying to Paramore music. Oh, just so you know, Paramore is heaven put into music. I love them. With a passion. I'm legally obligated to loving all of their songs. Even if the song sucks. Just like I have to see that movie with the creepy trailer because James Marsden is in it. If it were someone else, I would completely ignore the movie's existence, but because it's James Marsden, I have to see it.

You know who else is as awesome as James Marsden? Anne Hathaway and Amy Adams. Have you seen that movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic? The stars of that movie look like they're almost Amy and Anne (will they be offended by my use of their first names?) but they're not. It's kinda frustrating, because I want to love Isla Fisher like I love Amy Adams, but I can't. And the same goes for Krysten Ritter. And Hugh Dancy for that matter, because he reminded me of James Marsden.

I was just watching this video of an insane martial art or something that originated in France. It's called "Parkour" which must be French for "Jumping off roof tops, doing backflips, and performing stupid and life threatening stunts without a spotter." It's ridiculous, these people jump from roof top to roof top, doing front flips while traveling through the air and then tumble rolling instead of sticking the landing. And then they jump like cats or some sort of animal and leap over obstacles like it's second nature. And then they walk over to their porch, look out at the grass and decide "it's a lovely day, I think I'll do a backflip off my second story porch balcony and go frolick in a nearby meadow," so they just flip off and roll and move on with their lives. If I tried Parkour... I'd die. No, I'd already be dead. I'd walk over to the ledge to leap onto a roof top and my brain would tell my body "We can't do that, might as well shut down now" and I wouldn't even get to die doing something awesome, I'd just be lying on a roof top, a dead, pathetic heap.

There's this girl in my school. She's really peppy, like someone gave her one too many chocolate bars one day and the effect never wore off. She's always smiling. Always. At least, that's what she wants the world to think. But every so often, I catch her frowning to herself, just frowning and thinking about something that seems important. Whenever I ask her about it, she plasters her smile back on and pretends it didn't happen, but I've always wondered what she's really like, who she really is. I've always wondered what's behind her mask.

It must suck to be the one at the bottom in the circus. Whenever you're watching the contortionists, there's always one girl doing a bunch of crazy stuff while balancing on another girl's toe or something. And everyone just stares at the tiny one on top, twirling away and bending her body into crazy positions. But no one cares for the one at the bottom. The base, the one who holds it together. In the trapeze acts, there's always the one getting thrown through the air and the one catching her. And everyone claps and applauds the one getting thrown, not the one catching. But all she has to do is trust that she'll get thrown and caught. The ones catching and throwing, they deserve applause. They are responsible for that person's life and they're strong enough to throw the other girl around the arena. But maybe that's in their job description. Maybe there's 2 circus worker applications. One that says "tiny, pretty, light acrobat who is trusting with a great stage presence" and another that says "strong, steady, trustworthy acrobat who doesn't mind being ignored." I think we should all take a moment to clap for the person at the bottom. Because without a base, the whole structure would collapse. And if we don't recognize the people holding us up, someday they might just get bored of it and let us fall.

I was just thinking about the saying "dance like no one's watching." I was at a dance for the last day of my camp and there was this guy who was an amazing dancer. But he wasn't dancing for anyone but himself. There was a crowd of clapping people around him while he danced to "Thriller." But after they dissipated, I looked over, and there was the kid, still dancing his heart out, like no one was dancing. I think he had accepted himself. He stopped thinking about how other people wanted him to dance and just danced. I wonder what that feels like. To stop thinking about the world and what the world thinks and just let go. To accept yourself, and more importantly, accept that other people's opinions aren't what matters... yours are. I wonder what it feels like to dance like no one's watching.

The title of this post kinda sounds like a song title or something. You know who has good song titles? Panic! At the Disco. I bet they brainstorm some catchy sounding titles and then put them in a hat and draw it to go with each song. They are the awesomest but most absurd and irrelevant song titles ever. You know what else is absurd and irrelevant? This blog post.

Introductory Post (Yeah, That's Right, We Use Big Words)

Hi, I'm JJ, you may remember me from my other blog with Mango called degrassipwns.blogspot.com which is an awesome website. I'm sure you've heard of it. No? Oh, that's okay no one has (go there... do it now!). Well, now me and my friend Basil have created this blog. And yeah, we know no one will ever read it because no one reads our other blog, but we don't care. Blogs = fun. I mean, I have like 5. And now this one. They're just that cool. And now I seem like a major nerd so I'll shut up now.
Ummmmm.....hi? This is Basil. Don't ask about the name. Just don't. Yeahhh....as opposed to JJ, I don't have any other blogs so I'm not AS much of a nerd. Oh, and the title was also made by JJ...since big words tend to confuse me so I dislike them with a passion. Except for supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (I sang that whilst I spelled it :D). That's a kewlio word :). So, invisible reader, you can probably tell that JJ's the intelligent-esque person of this blog...and more focoused...Like that time when-OMG the star in the right hand corner looks like a Converse All-Star symbol!!!!!!! You know there's no second "o" in focused... unless you live in Canada. I don't care...oh and btw Trebuchet is pronounced "Tre-byoo-shae" not "Tre-buck-et" Miss Smarty Pants :P You take your "Tre-byoo-shae" and shove it up your- wait, we checked "no" on the adult content thing, remember? Oh, right... dang. Hahahahahaha...I win :P Fine, congratulations :)... the emoticons look ugly in italics In italics in "Trebucket??" :P. Shut up about that and your smiley face looks like it has a mole. **gets ice cream from freezer** Ooh, get some for me! I did :D...but you "blatantly" refused to put the tub of vanilla back in the freezer >:( You bet I did... I'm gonna sit here and type while you haul that tub of ice-cream back to the freezer! Work! Work! Work! I already put it back lolz ( my pretty "z" making it look all kewl and such) and if anyone is reading this, go to imdb.com cuz I am now hopelessly addicted to that website... I got you hooked on that website! And whilst watching you type that I couldn't help but think "And you're also hopelessly unable to spell hopelessly" kjsahdkj I don't know what that was supposed to say, but you're not allowed to confuse our imaginary readers by typing gibberish in webdings! "Gibberish" is an awesome song by Relient K....PWN!!!!!!!! Hello, imaginary readers...music recommendation of the day: Relient K :D No, actually today I'm in a Such Great Heights by Postal Service mood. Ooh they sound good check them out too...and btw I'm in a "Damned if I Do You (Damned if I Don't)" by All Time Low...It's playing in my head over and over and over and over and over and over and ov- Okay, I get it! And the debate over typing "Damned" (JJ was being odd and thought it was spelled "danmed"...all I can say to that is s) got "Damned For All Time" from Jesus Christ Superstar stuck in my head, thank you very much! Anytime, JJ...anytime..ok this is getting really long..hey, wait! Why is this called "Nonsense That Makes Sense" if it doesn't make any sense at all?? So we hafta go now... Yeahs... well, bye imaginary readers! This is JJ and Basil...ummm...[insert clever goodbye saying here]!!!!!